Private jet charter

Private jet charter

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Private jet charter travel allows take off and landing at airfields that are situated as close as possible to your final destination. It is a flexible and economical alternative to aircraft ownership. Clients can even select their preferred aircraft to embark on their journey. The process of private jet charter is 100% client focused.

Viza Jet was founded to help entrepreneurs maximise their long distance business travel time and improve productivity. Our philosophy is simple: if less time is spent travelling, more time can be spent working. We know that time is precious and too much time taken to achieve one business objective can be catastrophic to large organisations. We offer a mission critical, seamless and time efficient private jet charter service. We achieve this by transporting business leaders to conferences and appointments around the world at speed and in comfort that they are entitled too. They arrive well rested and ready to do business. Our service is world-class because we set and achieve world-class standards. We are a luxury aviation company.

The Viza Jet experience is possibly one of the most luxurious and speedy air transportation services in the world. Unrivalled in the private aviation travel industry, we have achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction and currently chart the world’s finest aircraft (jets and helicopters). Our flights are safe, reliable and convenient.

Greater distances can be covered in one day by private jet charter compared to any other form of travel. Thanks to business aviation, accessibility to emerging markets and developing countries has improved. Corporations and multi-national organisations now have external logistical support to do business in remote parts of the world, where the potential for rapid growth is highest.

Business aviation radically improves business travel time and enhances the quality of family and leisure time. Faster airport check in times, flexible scheduling and direct flights all contribute to the mix which makes private jet charter the number one form of travel for busy independent people.

Private and business aviation enhances family time quality and improves business productivity because less travel time leaves more family time.

Jet Flight Types and Bespoke Flight Plans

Our flight programming has many advantages. Clients can select the type of private jet charter flight plan that suits their personal requirements. We offer a range of service packages to suit frequent and occasional flyers. All our jet charter packages have transparent costs.

Private air charter benefits:

  • No membership/management cost
  • No jet acquisition cost or fractional ownership cost
  • No monthly management costs
  • No long term contractual requirements & obligation free

Accessing remote regions of the world is made possible by private jet charter for leisure travllers.

Two examples are:

  • Wintertime Skiing Holiday Example: The Rocky Mountains in ski season may become inaccessible when some core commercial airlines restrict travel due to atmospheric conditions. Small private jets do not have the same restrictions.
  • Summertime Beach & Relaxation Holiday Example: Remote islands in the Caribbean are directly accessible where the nearest commercial airport may be 100s of miles away. Private jets can land on small island landing strips, large commercial airliners can not.

Executive Jet Charter & Business Jet Charter Quotation

To obtain a free no obligation quotation for business jet charter and executive jet charter flights please complete the request a quote form above.

Select where you want to fly to and sit back and enjoy your plane ride. Jet charter passengers benefit from more leg room and a better standard of travel. Clients can of course pick where they want to sit, in their very own aircraft.

Fly point to point. Private jets can reach far more airports than commercial airlines. Comprised with the fact that most jets have modern fixtures and fittings, they are not only more comfortable but allow travellers to take off closer to their origin and land closer to their final destination.

We charter private small jets, mid size jets and heavy jets in Europe, Asia, Australasia, North America, South America and Africa. Our charter flights take off 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our executive charter plane schedule is based around your diary not ours – we offer a truly bespoke and professional private jet charter service.

Aircraft chartering Is Easy, Book a Jet with a Minimum Amount of Notice

Senior business professionals often have unpredictable travel plans. For peace of mind it is good to know that it is possible to book a private jet and fly the same day. 24 and even 12 hour notice business appointments are reachable by jet.

Viza Jet is the UKs premier private jet charter company our Head Quarters are based in London. We don’t strive to be the cheapest option – we are committed to becoming the best luxury private air travel solution for our client’s around the world.

Our clients include major fortune 500 companies, captains of industries, sporting heroes, wealthy families, bands, film stars, government officials and diplomats.

Private Jet Flight Check In and Inflight Hospitality

Check in is fast and easy with no waiting times or check in desk queues. Inflight meals (VIP catering) hot and cold refreshments are available onboard most flights.
Onward journey arrangements can be arranged on your behalf by your very own flight operation team:

  • Hotel reservations
  • Travel after landing
  • Theatre, restaurant and entertainment reservations
  • Travel within Great Britain or further a field

We are ready to respond to any change in your requirements at any time. Please feel free to dictate your own itinerary, from and to any continent.

Modern Aircraft Scheduled with Fewer Baggage Restrictions for Business and Leisure Travellers

We operate a range of modern, state of the art aircraft, light aircraft, business & VIP jets for any type of trip. We don’t sell air plane or helicopter trip tickets we sell the time in an airplane or helicopter. Customers benefit from: fixed costs and having a dedicated travel consultancy team. We are 110% committed to our customer’s requirements and try very hard, every time, to ensure that each customer experience is exciting, enjoyable and stress free. Private jet travel should be pleasurable.

Travelling privately has the advantage of less strict hand baggage and luggage restrictions. Smaller airports are less congested which makes check in easy. This makes private jet charter perfect for shopping trips, city sightseeing weekend breaks and last minute getaways. Empty leg flights are a great way to explore the world by visiting new places at a discounted price.

Private Aviation Offers Enhanced Luxury Travel Time

With access to Helicopters, Light, Mid Size Jets, heavy Jets and Super Size Jumbo Jets we are capable of handing any service request. The jets we charter have a range of cabin specifications – some even have microwaves and cabin WiFi. Our extensive experience within the private aviation marketplace of both pilots and aircraft helps us to accommodate most special requirements.

Each jet charter flight experience is memorable and enjoyable. Take advantage of business private jet charter, group private jet charter with Viza Jet – the best charter specialist.

Business Jet Charter

Schedule any flight from a Boeing business jet charter to a standard size charter business jet with Viza Jet. Jet charter for business purposes is an explosive and radical transport service – nowadays getting from office headquarters to business destinations around the globe is no loner a problem. Business jet charter is innovative air travel aimed at business owners and entrepreneurs.

Executive Jet Charter

VIP catering, greater leg room and privacy are 3 of the core reasons why executive and club class travellers fly by executive jet charter. Executive jet charter does not cut any corners on service and is totally customer centric.

Jet Charter

Frequent plane passengers occasionally have to charter a private flight when regular travel airlines are unable to accommodate their requirements. Jet charter often suits those travelling onward after landing by yacht or cruise ship, it acts as a time critical transport solution which will get jet travellers to their destination in time for their next time critical deadline.

Private Jet Charter

Imagine selecting the type of aircraft you wish to fly in, who you want to fly with, where you want to fly to and what time and place you wish to depart. Welcome to Viza Jet the home of private jet charter. Private jet charter is jet travel with convenience.

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